World Teachers Day

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October 5th is World Teachers Day and unfortunately my blog post is 3 days late, but fortunately, it's still here! Teachers hey; some liked, some disliked and some respected.

As a young boy at school, I may have been a difficult student and the immaturity of a young man is oblivious to the human behind the sometimes overworked, caring and underpaid teachers. Not just the school teachers, but the people in society that taught me anything and everything to shape and form my character today. From coaches, trainers, mentors, tutors and family members.

More than often I reflect on my behaviour when I was a young student and I think about the advice and guidance teachers gave me. Some which impacted on the decisions I made and the consequences as a result. We have all been there when we say those famous words 'I should have listened.' Sometimes going against what others say allows us to become our own teachers; teachers of mistakes, confidence and humbleness.

The man I am today may have been because of the decisions I've made along the way, but those lessons taught gave me the guidance to make formal, responsible decisions today. Teachers have helped build my character, my morals and my behaviour as a contributing member of society. I have learnt to become better because I have been guided.

So here is a massive late Happy World Teachers Day to all that have contributed to making me a better me. You have encouraged some of the significant attributes of my life and are an invaluable part of society.

Thank you.

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