The Spirit From The Fields

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The radiation was raining waves of heat today. The best thing about the heat was it brought out the caramelised smell of the fields. I don’t know what it was about that sweet aroma, but it uplifted my spirit for the day. I’d chant and sing when they weren't passing on their watch.

‘Rich from the earth, stolen from my land.’

When the heat was unbearable, I would try my best to hide in the shade. The humidity would pinch the surface of my skin making her cry and soak with sweat. Every day was hard labour, but on those specific days when the sun flew to close to save us. The heat would crystallise the residue of sugar on my wet skin. I lived for those painful but beautiful moments in this life of terror.

‘Sweet freedom, sweet life I dream.’

The slave masters could never destroy our spirit.

Published by AdHoc Fiction. , 25/09/2019.

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