The Giver of Peace

5:45 AM, why does my mind chose this time to start having a discussion? It’s like it told me to have an epiphany to wake. Then giving me the realisation I’m having a conversation with my thoughts.

”If only you did that.”

”Yeah, but if I did. I wouldn’t have accomplished all the things I’ve done now.”

”You’re weak.”

Some people say ’the devil plays on empty ears’. Maybe that’s a reference to the negative inner-self thoughts?

6:00 AM, I hear the call. I prostrate with my forehead pressing on the ground. I find peace and clarity in this action. We discuss I speak, you listen. I tell you everything that is wrong with my life, I plead for your mercy. I give thanks.

6:15 AM, you are my inner thoughts. You consume my body and become closer to me than my own jugular vein.

You allow me to rest.

Published by AdHoc Fiction, 13/10/2019.

You can now view this story as well as other short-stories in my collection 'Kapav Garcon, Kapav Zaco' here.

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