The Gate Keeper.

The runway is the most daunting part of my journey. My wife and son wave me farewell each time I take flight. Once I’m amongst the clouds, my wings spread so freely and I’m able to breathe clearly as the wind rushes to my nose.

‘The Gate Keeper,’ my son addresses me as. My journey starts in Florida to Puerto Rico and Bermuda. I course over the borders of the Bermuda Triangle like an acrobat tip-toeing on a tightrope.

I don’t fear the no fly zone. It temps me, it taunts me and it urges me to creep into its abyss. Tropical cyclones don’t come often and these stories are just myths to pilots.

Until one day. The rain was strong and heavy, the harsh thuds unbalanced my wings. I strayed into the abyss.

For the first time I feared. Fear does the unthinkable to a person.

I let go.

Published by AdHoc Fiction, 29/05/2019.

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