Saved By The Bell.

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Summer mornings I’d roll out of my make shift bed from crashing downstairs on my auntie’s living room floor. My cousin would lava jump from sofa to sofa until he landed in his throne in front of the television.

Reaching into the treasure chest of Cheerio’s I’d search for the plastic trophy, only to realise my cousin had beaten me to it. We would shovel the cereal down our gobs plugged into the entertainment window.

9AM meant we were at Bayside High School. I’d always wonder how I’d meet Jessie Spano only to be saved by the bell.

Summer was always the season to look forward to, but as more seasons passed things changed. We left Bayside, Cheerio’s turned into coffee and we wouldn’t jump on sofas any more. Only sit.

I wish someone told me when the last day of summer was, now it’s a split memory.

Published by AdHoc Fiction. , 17/07/2019.

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