Perks of A War Child.

The stench of corpses only start to linger after a while. When the bodies are fresh the blood is sweet with a salty aftertaste. It reminds me of the Gulf of Alaska where the Pacific and Atlantic meet but, don’t mix.

War doesn’t bring peace nor does it build alliances. It builds fear; fear of the unknown. I dwell in the unknown, I thrive in the state of obscurity. In the shadows is where I battle the enemies from the depths of my soul.

Cannibals aren’t acceptable in the normality of society’s world. Present day civilisation devour their peers daily. They don’t recognise their own cannibalism. These humans will consume everything from each other and have the audacity to call my race monsters.

I place my veneers back on my fangs blending back into your world of discrimination. Whilst you justify all the insecurities of your actions daily

Published by AdHoc Fiction, 22/05/2019.

You can now view this story as well as other short-stories in my collection 'Kapav Garcon, Kapav Zaco' here.

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