Niños Perdidos

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Three days had passed in the icebox and the policia had not told us what we were doing here. I didn’t know where my Abuelita was being kept and the boys here were cold and scared. Eduardo and I became good friends in my time here, he kept saying to me.

“Three more days, Mauricio. Three more days and were getting out of here mano.”

I prayed we would be out sooner. The chill in the air frosted over my skin and pinched the surface as if the air was plucking the hairs from my body.

“Mauricio this is Javier and Isaac. You’re in our gang now we’re ‘Niños perdidos’.” Eduardo introduced me to the others.

“A gang? Niños perdidos? What do you mean?”

“Three more days and we’re breaking out of here.”

Me and Abuelita fled Mexico to escape the gangs, now I’m joining one to get into America.

Published by AdHoc Fiction. , 18/09/2019.

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