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I Visited the 'Big Apple' back in 2016 and I have so many fond memories of the place, but there is one in particular that is quite personal to myself I'd like to share.

It was my last day in New York and I was on my way to training in the morning. I passed Times Square and there was this young kid begging, I thought God he's young. Anyway I was coming back from training and I had some change left over, so I thought I'll give it to him when I passed but when I got over the road I could see him running around distressed and shouting, so I ran after him, I caught up to him and he had told me someone was supposed to be watching his stuff while he went to get some food and when he came back all his stuff was gone. I instantly pulled out my subway card and gave it to him, I had $20 in my bag gave that to him plus some change. He told me his story about how he ended up homeless and in New York, whether he was telling the truth or not I didn't care the sadness in his eyes was enough for me; to tell me his life needed a break. I took my jumper off and gave it to him he laughed because I had a Spider-Man top on, he thanked me, I hugged him and we parted ways.

I guess I kind of did feel like I was Spider-Man that day, it felt pretty amazing.

It doesn't take superpowers, a cape or becoming an alien to be human. Being human means a lot more than being a Superhero, it means to be kind, compassionate and respectful. For those of us that are fortunate enough in life it goes a long way to perform a small act of kindness.

My Grandmother once said to me;

'You will grow up to become an important man one day.'

I still don't fully understand it and I'm still trying to figure it out, but I bet it has something to do with how I would treat others.

Je t'aime, Nan.

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