About a month ago I was in Spain with my family on holiday. My wife and I went out for dinner one evening and saw this lady in the narrow streets of Al-Hambra offering to create live poetry. She did not speak much English but to my support, my wife speaks Spanish so I was in luck. Knowing 'Native' was going to be published not long after I arrived back home in the UK, I gave this poet the word 'Native.'

Initially, I was going to leave this poem exclusively for the book, but seeing as it is a very beautiful poem I think it would only be right to share it with everyone.

Victoria, the Spanish street poet, typed away on her typewriter after I had given her my word and she did it with ease. Her humble fee was whatever I wished to pay.

The poem is in Spanish but it has been also translated into English. It reads;


Junto al fuego Next to the fire

y tambiéń junto al agua & also next to the water,

a veces en la oscuridad sometimes in the darkness,

a veces en la luz sometimes in the light,

cantan they sing.

con la tierra como Hermana With the earth as a sister,

con la tierra como úńíca with the earth as the only

verdad truth.

ahí There

siempre mirando always looking at

la inmensidad the immensity

con asombro with amazement,

pero sin temor but without fear

ellos tambiéń they also

hacen humanidad… make humanity…

Thank you, Victoria.

Please also check out her work;

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