Moral Heist

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There’s no formula to doing the wrong thing the right way. I’ve played every scenario, every possibility and every outcome out in my head.

The prestige blueprints of the building, the fresh cotton smell of the balaclava and the virginity of the trigger. She temps you within that space between your index and groove.

My auntie told me you can be a professional in any field. So, I became a professional bank robber. My teachers taught me to chase my passion and not the money. This life isn’t for everyone. Only the greats will experience the ecstasy of the risk without a care for the prize.

Some would say I’m morally corrupt for finding pleasure in crime. A mistake or a purpose? Although there’s enjoyment in a heist; what good is a room full of cash when your heart is filled with guilt?

Published by AdHoc Fiction, 24/10/2019.

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