Mercy Of A Preschooler


The smell of rotten eggs dilutes my tap water; have you ever drunk lead-contaminated water? More and more people are becoming ill and we don’t seem to have the aid or care to help each other. One-by-one my friends are evaporating to the attendance of school.

How can there be a water crisis in the twenty-first century? This is dubbed ‘The Worlds Greatest Country’?

Brittle bones and more bruises than a supermarket apple. I lace up my boots and place the holy grail of an empty gallon in my backpack.

It’s time to find this miracle of clean water like Hagar because people are crying of thirst like Ishmael. Flint is quite clearly governed by Lucifer.

I’d travel all the way to Detroit to fill my holy grail with every drop of life to save the people of Flint. Even if it means saving the oppressor.

Mercy over justice.

Published by AdHoc Fiction, 19/06/2019

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