Linda Mason, 87'

In life, you will always meet people that will support and love your journey and those same people will be the first to always ask you what amazing things your up to. Even when things may seem stagnant there's that one extra special person that will remind you all the great things your doing. Here's a special story I made for a very special person.


The sirens of my alarm drills through my ear drums rushing me to my feet. I stumble through my room as sleep departs my state of mind, I fall into loose clothes to comfort my delicate body.

A lonely breakfast as my elder brother has already left his half-filled cup of coffee for work. The rough surface of toast grazes the roof of my mouth leaving the residue of salt on an open wound. Orange juice stings the raw flesh, but soothes my anxiety for now.

As I wait for the school bus each vehicle that emerges raises my heart rate. The kids on the bus pluck at my insecurities as part of their diet.

The day seems lost until I get to my locker, my feelings come to a stand-still when Linda Mason consumes the nectar from the water fountain.

I envy the basin for her company.

Published by AdHoc Fiction, 24/07/2019.

You can now view this story as well as other short-stories in my collection 'Kapav Garcon, Kapav Zaco' here.

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