Laying With The Night

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Those winter nights when the air is thin enough for your breath to be seen. When the birds wallow amongst the leaves in the trees from the rain. Those are the nights when your body isn’t visible; but why would it be revealed in the strident cold?

I’d work hard all day and come to bed on this bale of hay waiting for you. The warmth of my gaze could be seen thousands of miles away; I’d burn impatiently waiting for you to join me. Your silk night sky cloaks your lunar shoulders, but most evenings you seduce me to your call by uncovering your light.

Why do you deceive my heart when your distance is so great to travel? Why do you give me light when your darkness is what I need for closure?

Why won’t you let me sleep?

Published by AdHoc Fiction. , 02/10/2019.

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