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Updated: Sep 13, 2018

It saddens me to write this but unfortunately, it’s apparent the drug scene is evolving with youth around the world. On September 7th 2018, famous rapper and hip-hop artist Malcolm James McCormick ‘Mac Miller’ passed away from a suspected overdose. Aged 26 this young man had the world at his feet but was a victim of a normalization of legal recreational drug use.

It is highly evident that the likes of Alprazolam aka Xanax, Codeine aka Lean and various strains of Cannabis are becoming a problematic topic in our society, especially amongst young people.

With the epidemic of artist promoting the use of legal drugs for recreational use, and an audience of minors and young people. These substances are becoming branded ‘Cool to use’ as if young people did not have enough peer-pressure, they now have the task of challenging the use of these new era drugs.

Working in substance misuse in the UK, I have seen a rapid rise of young people involved with using as well as dealing these drugs. Although young people can be intelligent, ambitious and independent individuals they can also be easily misled and naive.

In a plead to raise awareness and harm reduction around the world, I urge young people to talk to your responsible friends or adults if you feel comfortable to do so, make an informed decision; if your planning to use these drugs then, be around trustworthy people. Educate yourself about your using, know the side effects, harms and risk that come with these substances.

My last point would be; if you feel that you are suffering from any substances then contact a local service and never feel ashamed to access support and help. We have lost too many young people in the world due to substance misuse.

Abdul-Ahad Patel.

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