I lead with the expectation to be great, following so many profound brothers and sisters history has claimed during the space of time.

In my journey to be, obstacles arise and I'm left with hardship and confrontation. So, I look for raw grit and courage to sit like Rosa Parks, fighting for equality, giving me fuel for my destiny; my rights have been fought for previously but I have to fight for my rights now.

I arrive at the intended path, but diverge from my goal along the way. I watch the flock of birds fly freely, but they hardly tweet. Freedom isn't bound to the restriction of movement; I remember Maya Angelou and now 'I know why the caged bird sings.'

I tilt my glasses back-up my nose finding the vision of my legacy. Not the carvings of my names, not the pictures or statues, but the idea of something that will better the pro-life ideology. I recall Malcolm X saying 'You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.'

I challenge the innovation of patience, as greed for progression corrupts my character to cheat and although I may be wronged, I'm taught never to be bitter; how can I not forgive after 27 years of imprisonment like Nelson Mandela.

I arrive at this crossroad where the directions split from my purpose and my dream, I dream to be a hero like Harriet Tubman. Life is bigger than myself, a hero is bigger than their selflessness. She went on to save 700 people; I wonder in the depths of my palms how my actions will help humanity.

My pen rolls down my thumb, cushioning into the creases and as temptation lurks to commercialise my ink markings, I am reminded upon writer's block of the brave Ida Wells who wrote 'The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.'

As I rise to glory, dancing under the bright lights of victory, I realise that setbacks are part of my journey. They allow the experience to gather like the forming dust under the glistening chandeliers, ready to be blown. Even when this house is abandoned and forgotten, you can strip me of everything I am, I will still hold my identity. I will still be all that I am, I will still be Muhammad Ali the greatest of all time.

My foot remains stagnant in the earth, planted before me. The footprints will start to fill but will never remove my trace. So, I lead my legacy in remembrance of the greats and I'll never forget the beginning of something significant that starts with the words 'I have a dream' - Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

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