Flash-Fiction Postcard: The Pied Piper Appeal

The Pied Piper Appeal

Founded in 1992, Pied Piper is the leading children's charity in Gloucestershire. Our mission is to make a difference to the lives of sick and disabled children in the county. We do this by funding medical and practical equipment that enhances care and treatment for children in hospital and in the special schools in Gloucestershire. We also send children with life limiting illnesses and their families on Wish Holidays, support the ever growing mental health care in Gloucestershire and fund £10,000 worth of nursing training for the pediatric nurses in the County to ensure that the children get the most up to date care possible.


I am a writer from Gloucester and here is a story for the children of this magical place….

The Mighty Firewoman.

‘One special morning the jolly firewoman made her way to work. On her journey, she noticed an upset elderly man. ‘What is wrong, sir?’ She said.'My poor Squiggles is stuck in the tree,’ he replied. The jolly firewoman was scared of heights, so she took a huge breath and became the brave firewoman. As she began to climb the elderly man cheered her on and when Squiggles was safe she was known as the might firewoman.’

- Abdul-Ahad Patel.

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