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With great power, comes great responsibility. Since October last year after the release of my debut novel 'Native' I have been non-stop with writing. Reflecting on how fortunate I have been to have the many opportunities presented to myself as well as the ability to be creative. I want to do something that will give back to people in the essence of being thankful for everyone and anyone that sparks an idea in my head.

When I was a child I remember holding onto my father's hand walking up and down to places; whether it be family homes, shops or just general walks. I had and still have so much energy in me it would be a task for my father to keep me entertained. My father would tell me stories about all sorts of things, The Travellers at The Bottom of My Grandmother's Garden, The Troll Under The Cathedral and The Twin Barbarians. My mind would explode in imagination; allowing me to picture, experience and enjoy the many tales on our many journeys.

I believe all children all over the world should have the opportunity to imagine. So, I have decided to commit once a month, every third-Thursday of the month to create and send a flash-fiction story to children homes around the UK. Hopefully, this will expand over the globe too. The idea stemmed from having hundreds of Superhero postcards and not knowing what to do with them. If you would like to contribute to this amazing cause by sending me any unwanted, spare or new postcards (Child appropriate). Then please feel free to contact me via the contact page on my website, Click here!

The James Hopkins Trust

Established in 1989 we provide care for babies and children up to the age of 5 who have a life limiting or life threatening condition while supporting their families.

We currently support over 90 children in Gloucestershire.

Since 1989 James Hopkins Trust has helped well over 500 children and their families in every corner of Gloucestershire, our free nursing respite can be night or day in the family home or at our purpose built multi-sensory respite centre and gardens called Kites Corner.

We are here to create very special, lasting memories at Kites Corner, which is filled with love and laughter.


I am a writer from Gloucester and here is a story for the children of this magical place….

The Little Dragon That Could.

‘One day all the other dragons were flying in the hills and this little dragon wanted to fly. He flapped and flapped, but he didn’t get any higher. He ran trying to fly it didn’t work. He skipped trying to fly it didn’t work. He sat thinking about flying it didn’t work. But, he thought ‘What if I jump?’ So, he jumped and flapped his wings, flying. He became so happy because now the little dragon could fly.'

- Abdul-Ahad Patel.

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