Black History Month: Creative People

October in the UK is the Black History Month. For this blog post, I want to showcase some of the talents I have come across. Three artists that I follow, inspire me with their work. I hope anyone reading this can find some inspiration in their work too and enjoy it as I and many others have.


PAP is an artist from Trinidad & Tobago, who anonymously drops their art in locations around the island for people passing to collect. PAP actually inspired me to do this with my book 'Native' at Cheltenham Literature Festival; this inspired 'The Phantom Chain.' I once actually messaged PAP to inquire about purchasing some of his art, they made it clear its not for sale. Next, to never, you will hear of people that put so much into their work and then give it away to a complete stranger. When you mix hard work with the gift of giving you know it's more than art. This is a very special artist. You can find PAP's work on;

Instagram - PhantomArtProject

Facebook - Phantom Art Project


Rakaya is a creative writer and poet based in London. Her work varies in depth of faith and culture. Rakaya has some very impressive credentials to her name. Such as 'Spread the Word Young People's Laureate for London Poetry Awards' in 2017. She was shortlisted for the 'Out-Spoken Poetry Prize'. And won the 'Roundhouse Poetry Slam' in 2018. Not only does this woman empower people with her courageous words but she does it in style! I'll be honest and say I haven't been following her journey that long, but when I saw this poem I was blown away. And here I am wanting to share and promote her work. Jazk'Allah Rakaya. You can find Rakaya's work on;

Instagram - Rakayaesime

Website -


Griz-O is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Gloucester. He has performed at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios as part of DJ Target’s ‘Homegrown’ show. He also featured on BBC Introducing. Griz-O's last mixtape was promoted by major platforms such as; RWD Magazine, MOBO Awards, MTV, ILuvLive, Pardon My Blog, 5 Mag, BBC 1xtra, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing. I've actually known Griz-O for the most part of my life, throughout this time I have never known him not to be freestyling, listening to music or writing lyrics. When you know someone on a personal level and you know what they're passionate about, you come to realise its deeper than just passion. it is in their roots. Griz-O music may have come to fruition over the last couple of years, but I can vouch it has been brewing for a very long time. A mastermind that formulates and articulates clever punchlines. You can find Griz-O's work on;

Instagram - Grizzy_Gram26

Website -

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