A Lesson From Kua Fu

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It has been almost two days since I had left the monastery and I had arrived at the yellow river. Legend says the giant Kua Fu decided to chase and catch the sun and on his journey, he drank all the waters of the Yellow and Wei River. The story goes on to say that he died from dehydration because he greatly overestimated himself.

In my journey to the Holy Land, I heard two Mongolian soldiers speaking of the Black River, in which I believe they were referring to this river. I must stay alert.

I took rest near the bank of the river collecting some water to filter through. Water is an important part of life; I boiled the water withdrawing the bacteria and dirt.

The beauty of nature; it is able to provide and support life, but it is also able to destroy and prevent life.

Published by AdHoc Fiction, 19/06/2019.

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