Escape is a story about hope being found in the slums of Venezuela, brotherhood being found in criminality and freedom being an ultimate dream for the many, but especially for a child named Jesús.
Seven years into an era of economic crisis and nearly a million children are left behind in Venezuela by their fleeing parents. Abandoned on a neighbouring island, Jesús is taken in by an orphanage in Caracas. Dreaming of escaping a deteriorating situation in a violent country, he struggles for survival, a constant reminder of his oppression and tribulations. Can a child’s innocence remain pure in his search for freedom?

Rakaya Esime Fetuga
'The writer’s voice glimmers through in moments of beautiful poetic descriptions and spiritual-philosophical reflections; however, the whole piece maintains the energy and simplicity of a child’s dream for the future.'
Caleb Femi
'An electric story full of pain and beauty. Superb!'
Ashley Hickson-Lovence
'Escape is touching, tender and emotive. Abdul-Ahad Patel is clearly a gifted storyteller with an enviable way with words. An emotionally charged tale you won’t want to miss'
Suli Breaks
'Escape is a compelling coming of age story. It tells unique story of self discovery in hopeless situations while reinforcing the belief that your environment does not define your potential.'


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